The Works

The Works of the Manic Owl are a foundry and a lab in course of development whose action range is in continuous expansion. At the present moment it is more or less a portfolio containing a selection of the Works’ productions.

Photos and artworks showcased are all in low resolution and cannot be used without permission. Prints and publishing license are available for purchase. Commercial and royalty free photos and vector art made in the Works available on:

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The Owl

Pu the Owl (real name RS Nisio), is a graphic artist and writer currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. A former cinema student, she moved on to embrace visual arts as photography and illustration as her primary means of expression, while working also in freelance writing, design and game development. While she was living in Iceland, she published her work as a photographer and writer under different names for several accredited media. She currently shares her knowledge and thoughts on mobile photography on her blog, Appotography.com.

Want to ask anything or get in touch? Feel free to do so through the contact page of the site.

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A few shameless plugs.


A wider choice of random photographic evidence can be found on Flickr.

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Mastering The So-It-Goes.

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